Literature and Technology

If you are interested in the influence of technology on fiction/text, please feel free to ping me. Doing research for a university paper, setting up a blog for contributions and discussion. You might end up being quoted. Feel free to circulate/repost if you think you know potential interested parties.

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Avatar 3D - Finally

Saw Avatar 3D. Looked Fantastic. Beautiful. Seamless CGI integration. Story a right clunker. Head hurts from being repeatedly beaten with a New Age mallet. Jimmy Cameron, you're not a subtle boy. Verdict? Great way to spend 3 hours.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel good, and the means—that’s just another way of making a decision. And decisions are a time a dozen. They come and go and no-one cares."


“…that’s when it hits you – it’s exactly days like these, with nothing special about them, that you end up wondering how your life had turned out this way when all you ever wanted to do was the right thing.”

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“Then there are days that seem to just appear… They have the slow, unassuming arrival of your best friend or mother’s birthday, unchallenged in their surprise appearance.”

Metaphysics, Angels And Quantum Theory

Could a plausible theory be extrapolated for Angels/Paranormal Activity being an aspect of Quantum Physics?

Having an interesting discussion on MetaFilter. I posed a question: Could a plausible theory be extrapolated for Angels/Paranormal Activity being an aspect of Quantum Physics?

A number of varied responses, but I’m really interested in seeing whether answers from writers would be different in approach. If you’re keen, I’d be most appreciative for you to either post thoughts on MetaFilter or on my blogger page, Facebook or Livejournal. The thread can be found here:

Left Of Center

That’s how I’ve been feeling the last couple of days. I wrote my last exam for my BA on the 6th of November and promptly spent the following three days melting my brain with TV because I was unable to do anything else. I felt like I’d been high for a week and had finally crashed in the worst way possible. Three weeks’ worth of anticipation caught up with me like a bad rash and there was nothing to do but blob in front of the aforementioned moving images, as well as snuggle up next to Jen at intermittent intervals to watch (and help) her play Monkey Island. Good times.

Lots of tea, too.

As of today I am finally feeling like I’ve caught up with myself. I feel guilty when I take days off and don’t write, but I’ve been told that this is the kind of thing to earn you a degree in Burnout (had that before, not fun), so I’ve been a good girl and rested my brain. But today I did write a little and it felt great. Good to be back. The flow will start readily again as of tomorrow.

Tonight, I still have some Fringe episodes from Season One to catch up on and I must say that I do love that show. It’s nice to see all those freaky things you’ve been trying to get your friends interested in for years being dished out to the general viewing public. Good job, J.J. Now please, don’t screw us over on LOST.

I Can Hear The Sound Of Christians Fuming

As part of a paper on Children’s Literature at uni, we studied Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. It’s so much more of course than a retelling of Paradise Lost, but even if approached on that level it works rather well. So I for one am looking forward to Pullman’s new book, to be released around Easter 2010 – ‘The Good Man Jesus And The Scoundrel Christ’.

I can already hear the gnashing and gnawing of teeth over this. The book tells the story of how St Paul apparently embellished the story of Jesus having been the son of God.

Personally, I don’t particularly care what anyone believes, as long as they don’t hurt anyone in the process and refrain from forcing their beliefs on others. What is good about books like these is that they make people ask questions; hopefully they make children ask questions (even more so than necessary), because while it is most of the time beneficial for children to heed their parents, there are times when they should blatantly reject what grownups tell them.

So here’s to you, Mr Pullman. We’ll be seeing you a lot in the news come egg-hunting season next year.